GRACE HEART SCHOOL is an English medium residential mission school which provides peaceful environment for students. It focuses on all round personality development. This school is run by local committee and was inaugurated on 13th January 2002. This school has experienced and dedicated team of teachers, staff who play vital role in moral, physical and mental upbringing of children. 



Our faculty and staff are committed to provide a safe, nurturing, creative and God-centered environment to fully develop each child’s God-given talent. Our school is constantly working to provide exceptional opportunities to all students in a caring, structured, and positive atmosphere. We are here to learn, reflect, and serve.

We cater to classes from Nursery to Std X and follow the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) syllabus. We have 100% results in the CBSE Board examinations. Trusting constantly in the providence of God and working hand in hand with parents and well wishers we try to shape and mould the destiny of our nation.

On behalf of the school, we thank you for your confidence in Grace Heart School and sincerely appreciate your support in our mission.


Mamta Hangma Subba



The primary purpose is the education of children irrespective of caste, creed and community. The aim of the School is to give its pupils a sound moral education while devoting special attention to their intellectual, social and physical development. In our school, education is for the wholeness and dignity of each child.

The dignity of each student comes from being a person

  • Created in God’s image
  • Free to respond
  • Striving for excellence achieved at the level of his/her own potential.

We value the student as a unique person – who is already gifted

  • Who has Past, Present & Future.
  • Whom God has called by a name of his/her own.

This School sees the values of Integrity, Justice, Freedom and Love as an essential quality in the educational thrust. Therefore, parents who intend to have their children educated here would need to be convinced of the importance of these values and be prepared to make the necessary sacrifices to live by them.

The special thrust of our school is to cherish the most deprived of God's people and to enable them to take their place with dignity among others.