• The student's called for admission should report on the due date along with his parent's/guardian's the person who will be execution the admission documents in report of student's should furnish the following document's on the day of admission.(with call up notice of admission)
  • Student's who have perviously attend school's recongnised/ without recongined by the state board of secondry education will furnish the date of birth education in the transfer certification issued by the school duly countersigned by the District Education Offocer/School principal.
  • Student's seeking admission to class pree nur to 8th who have not attende to any recongnised school an extract from the registe of Baptism ceticate/ Hospital birth proof.


 NOTE:-  If the dueses are not pair by the date, the name of the student's will be struck off the roll of the school and he will be sent home. the school leaving certificate will not issued unless all dueses are paid to school. the student's will not be re-admitted once the name is struck off on account of nonpayment of dueses.